Words of Wisdom from an Upperclassman


The social media fever has hit my college hard - the school has a social media team that tries to promote the college on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube etc. As a part of this, for the class of 2017, the team has picked three students to blog about their time at WAC. I looked over these blogs and noticed a few trends. Please note that I am a male junior in the social sciences and the humanities. Some of this may be different if you are not male or in business or the hard sciences and as always, take everything with a grain of salt.

  1. WAC is a party school. Even if you were vegan-hardline straight edge in high school you will be brought over to the dark side. It is just the culture of the campus. All of the school's major celebrations come with drinking. There are some enclaves that do not engage in the consumption of adult beverages but they are few and far between.
  2. WAC is a preppy school. If you went to a middle to lower middle class public school be prepared to see a whole new world. You will meet people who wear pairs of lime green shorts with price tags that boggle your mind. You will meet people who went to boarding school. I didn't realize this and was kinda afraid when the kids behind me at orientation were talking loudly about how this was just like boarding school.
  3. WAC will kick your ass academically. Does a 10+ page paper for each class sound normal to you? What if they are all due in the same week? If not you are going to need to learn how to write. Luckily, English 101's only point is to each this to you. Take it in the fall semester. Your GPA will thank you.
  4. WAC is a tiny school and news travels fast. You are warned...
  5. Under no circumstances is it great to live in Gibson 100, Wico, Somerset, or Kent. They are shitholes that have been battered by generations of sports teams and frat brothers throwing parties. Caroline is a decent place and hasn't been beaten to hell and back yet. There is a small chance that you will be thrown into the quad or Chester/Sas but most of the rooms in both areas were taken by the upper classmen.

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