WikiConference USA 2015

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I just got back from WikiConference USA, in Washington, DC. It was a great time and I have some thoughts about it:

  1. The conference was a great size and had a great atmosphere. Unlike WikiMania, I never got the feeling that I was rushed to go from talk to talk. I really wish there was a hacking day for people to work on their talks, code, or articles.

  2. I am excited to release my Audited Content locator into the wild. If you want to see the centerpiece of my talk, check it out!

  3. I love Washington endlessly as a city. While it has some problems, the vibe and the feeling that everything is in transit makes it a very attractive place. I wish I could move there!

  4. There are actually pictures of me. After two Wikimanias, there were only pictures of the back of my head. Now, there are pictures galore of me.