Washington College Rugby Football Club Results

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I am trying to piece together the record of WCRFC since I joined in the fall of 2011.

  • Overall since the 2011 Fall season: 18-20-1
  • Fall only: 10-14-1
  • Spring only: 9-6-0
  • 7's only: 6-4-0
  • 15's only: 14-16-1
  • Biggest Win: 96-5 — Swarthmore College
  • Biggest Loss: 21-78 — LaSalle University

By Season

Fall 2011 (15's) — 0-5-0

vs. Montgomery Community College, Loss, 12-19
vs. American University, Loss, 10-37
vs. Frostburg State University, Loss, 24-17
vs. American University, Loss, Forfeit
vs. Frostburg State University, Loss, Forfeit

Spring 2012 (15's) — 3-2-0

vs. York College of PA, Win, 30-5
vs. St. Mary's College of Maryland, Win, 29-24

Rocky Gorge Tournament

vs. Mount Saint Mary's University, Loss, 0-48
vs. Niagara University, Win, 28-12
vs. American University, Loss, 12-27

Fall 2012 (15's) — 3-3-0

vs. Ursinus College, Loss, 15-52
vs. Philadelphia University, Win, 55-3
vs. Widener University, Loss, 5-44
vs. Swarthmore College, Win, 96-5
vs. University of Delaware C, Loss, 5-15


vs. Penn State Berks, Loss, 5-26

Spring 2013 (7's) — 2-3-0

vs. St. Mary's College of Maryland, Win,

Philly 7s Tournament

vs. Lord Fairfax Community College, Loss, 12-17
vs. Susquehanna University, Loss, 5-17
vs. Neumann University, Win, 33-0
vs. Bucknell University, Loss, 21-22

Fall 2013 (15's) — 1-4-1

vs. Ursinus College, Loss, 17-32
vs. Widener University, Draw, Forfeit (at the fault of both teams)
vs. DeSales University, Win, 45-40
vs. Lafayette College, Loss, 24-54
vs. LaSalle University, Loss, 21-78
vs. Neumann University, Loss, 19-22

Spring 2014 (7's) — 4-1-0

vs. Neumann University, Win, 29-5
vs. Lafayette University, Win, 22-0
vs. Swarthmore College, Win, 38-7
vs. Philadelphia University, Win, 26-5
vs. Neumann University, Loss, 7-29

Fall 2014 (15's) — 6-2-0

vs. Ursinus College, Win, 17-15
vs. Lafayette University, Loss, 10-28
vs. Neumann University, Win, 41-32
vs. LaSalle University, Win, Forfeit
vs. DeSales University, Win, 48-22
vs. Widener University, Win, 56-27


vs. Penn State Berks, Win, 15-5
vs. Susquehanna University, Loss, 15-42

Spring 2015 (7's) — 0-0-0

No games yet

By Club

ClubPlayed |Win |Loss |Draw |Percentage
American University30300.0%
Bucknell University10100.0%
DeSales University2200100.0%
Frostburg State University20200.0%
Lafayette College321066.7%
LaSalle University211050.0%
Lord Fairfax Community College10100.0%
Montgomery Community College10100.0%
Mount Saint Mary's University10100.0%
Neumann University532060.0%
Niagara University1100100.0%
Penn State Berks211050.0%
Philadelphia University2200100.0%
St. Mary's College of Maryland2200100.0%
Susquehanna University20200.0%
Swarthmore College2200100.0%
University of Delaware C10100.0%
Ursinus College312033.3%
Widener University311133.3%
York College of PA1100100.0%