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My college is in a teeny tiny town on the Chesapeake Bay. The town looks and feels like it would have when the Soviet Union was still a thing. The High Street district is filled with small shops selling food, coffee, books, clothes and other items. There are historic houses and other buildings everywhere. Recently, my college has turned into something of a land trust. Every year it seems to purchase a new plot of land to add to its collection. This year, it purchased the old armory and the surrounding lands.

This evening, one of my regular walks turned into some urban exploring when I decided to go checkout the new pieces of land my school bought. Armed with my flip–flops and my phone, I went to see what the armory looked like.

The building looks like most other armories I have seen from the new deal era. It is built entirely out of stone and brick. The sign on the door didn't seem too welcoming so I decided to not even try to see what the inside looked like.

There were some osprey nests on the roof and it looked pretty standard...

...but around the back everything changed. While I know it is considered to be in poor tastes to complement graffiti it was surprisingly political. Sure, there were the pentagrams, swastikas and anarchy A’s that you would expect but some of it was pretty well done.

Right next door to the armory, there is a large concrete structure. I was told by some upper classmen who claimed to have visited the site that it was a World War Two era bunker my freshman year. I was recently told by a faculty member that the structure used to be the town's water filtration plant. I decided to figure out what it was.

The structure looks vaguely like a pill box. There may be some truth to the bunker story.

There are empty concreate rooms but also lots of pipes and a tank of some kind.

The story that it was a water treatment plant appears to be more likely.

The images used in this blog post were all taken by myself and are released under the CC BY-SA 3.0 like the text.