Tab Clearing

arbcom wikipedia tabs

Since all of the cool kids are making blog posts about this, here are some things that have been sitting in my open tabs for the past week or two.

  • It always has been troubling that through a chain of court cases, common law can make any law say whatever the current judge wants it to day. A law professor uses his childhood to show how this works. This is why arbcom does not decide its cases stare decisis.
  • Everyone needs more legal Latin phrases in their vocabulary.
  • What does history say about the place of women in medicine? The argument is that medicine has traditionally been practiced by women and it is their birthright. Men only took over the field a thousand years or so ago.
  • I am citing a few talks from various conferences in the lit review of my thesis.
  • Arbcom made a statment about our decision in the GamerGate case.
  • I have been jamming to a mix of folky singer-song writers.
  • Sometimes k-pop is dam catchy.
  • Anthro uses a strange citation style.