On Returning Home...

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157/365 - It was an ugly night

The five weeks I have off for winter break constitutes the longest amount of time that I spend in Western Pennsylvania per year since I started college. During my summers, I have worked a jobs that have required me to not live at home. Every other time that I have returned home has been for a week or two. Because of this, returning home for winter break has felt stranger and stranger every year.

The house and the town I grew up in is starting to feel less and less like "home" and my suite and the town around the school I go to has replaced it. I have returned to a place where everything has changed since I was last here in August. Shops have closed or moved. Buildings have been put up, torn down, and/or expanded. I am more or less a stranger in the church that I was very involved in through high school. My only portal to this area during the school year shows many of my former classmates getting married and having children. I feel very disconnected from this world.

Is this just a natural part of moving forward in life?


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