My musical choices in 2013

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For kicks, I decided to look at my listening statistics, from, for the past year to see if there are any assumptions that I can draw about myself from it. The raw data is found in the chart below. In case you aren't familiar with a genre of music, the broad group that genre is part of is also listed.[1] Besides the normal data, I also included a column to show if an artist listed is "Christian" or "Secular".[2]

Artist Plays Genre Group Christian
Pete Seeger 950 Folk Country N
mewithoutYou 317 Post-hardcore Rock Y
blink-182 198 Pop-punk Rock N
John Denver 189 Country Country N
Death Cab for Cutie 172 Indie Rock N
Relient K 158 Rock Rock Y
Vitamin String Quartet 155 Instrumental Classical N
Weezer 146 Rock Rock N
Massive Attack 139 Trip-hop Electronica N
Anberlin 135 Rock Rock Y
Lester Flatt 128 Bluegrass Country ?
Aaron Copland 114 Classical Classical N
The All-American Rejects 112 Rock Rock N
Flatfoot 56 111 Celtic Punk Rock Y
Reel Big Fish 110 Ska Rock N
All Time Low 103 Pop-punk Rock N
Brand New 102 Emo Rock N
The Beatles 98 Classic Rock Rock N
Mae 94 Emo Rock Y
Paradise Fears 91 Pop-punk Rock N
Avicii 85 House Electronica N
Stephen Elkins 69 Bluegrass Country ?
The Wonder Years 68 Pop-punk Rock N
Pickin' On Series 65 Bluegrass Country N
Switchfoot 62 Rock Rock Y
Ludo 61 Emo Rock Y
The Beach Boys 59 Classic Rock Rock N
Bowling for Soup 57 Pop-punk Rock N
I Fight Dragons 51 8-Bit Electronica N
The Hold Steady 48 Indie Rock N
The thing that gets me, is the broadness of the genres, this year. In the past, my top artists could be described as some form of rock music, mostly from the punk family of genres. This year, there is an introduction of country (4), classical (2), and electronica (2) artists. The majority of the artists I listened to this year are no longer explicitly christian. This year has been a change in my music tastes.

My listens have been dominated by two artists: Pete Seeger and meWithoutYou (shown in orange below). Of my top arists, the average number of plays was 142 and the standard deviation was 163.


Without the two outliers, the graph appears to be more liner, does not follow power laws, and has a respectable R-Squared value. The average was 106 and the standard deviation 43.



[1] The genre is, for the most part, the highest ranked tag for each artist on The group comes entirely from my own thoughts. []

[2] I had a thing for Christian music in Jr High and High School. Don't ask. The bluegrass artists have question marks because they play christian hymns but seem to exist outside of the christian-secular dichotomy of popular music. []

The graphs and data are released under the WTFPL V.2.