OpenAnthroStat and Tab Clearing

I have a smattering of blog posts that I previously put on ice to work on other projects and other things that I need to get written before I go off the grid until August.

Introducing OpenAnthroStat

The beta version of OpenAnthroPac has been released. Version Brisbane (0.2.0) allows a user to turn a text file containing free list data in AnthroPac's format into a comma separated file.[1] The CSV contains Smith's S, Sutrop's S, the average ranks, and the frequencies.[2]

Currently I am working on turning the data into rank and binary matrices. After that is done, I am going to start on generating MDS plots.

If you have any questions or issues, feel free to submit a bug on github or send me an email.

Tab Clearing

Modeled after my last tab clearing post, here are some articles that have been sitting in my open tabs for the past few weeks.



#Inf 1




#Inf 2



[2] Smith, J J & Borgatti, S. P. 1998. Salience Counts—And So Does Accuracy: Correcting and Updating a Measure for Free-List-Item Salience. Journal of Linguistic Anthropology. 7(2):208-209.

Sutrop, U. 2001. List task and a cognitive salience index. Field Methods. 13:263-276.[]