I got Interviewed by Buzzfeed and You Won't Believe What Happened Next

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I don't normally have anything nice to say about Buzfeed. The site tends to be filled with clickbait, quizes and other related junk. (There is a very nice Twitter that solves most of the clickbait problem.) Posts from Buzzfeed and its cousin Upworthy are a nuance for anyone who uses Facebook and/or Twitter and looks for interesting content.

However, about a week ago, I was contacted by Katie Notopoulos about an image that I uploaded two years ago. I had forgotten about the fact that I uploaded that picture until I was emailed. After verifying that I was really talking to a Buzzfeed staff member, I shared some of my memories of how it got on to Wikipedia with her. Those recollections have made it's way into a nicely put together post that was published yesterday. Go read it!

Interestingly, this article is having a moderate influence on the page views for the Wikipedia article but no influence on the number of edits to the page. We will have to see if this trend continues over the next few days.