Feminist Critique of Emo

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Esquire has released an article on the intersection between indie rock, sexism, and Elliot Rodger. Up until the tragedy earlier this week, the published writings on this subject consisted of a zine article and a chapter in a book. The major research databases pulled nothing. While it is unpublished, in December of last year for my philosophy seminar, I wrote a feminist critique of emo. (PDF) In the paper I am trying to show that (A) emo is problematic and (B) the sexism found in the genre is explainable. I never felt like my prose and thoughts were publication worthy and it is still very rough, but it goes farther into the theory than a mass market magazine can. Maybe it can point people in the right direction for future work.

I hope that someone can pick up where Jessica Hopper, and to a lesser extent myself, left off and create a robust and nuanced body of literature on this subject. If anyone would like to collaborate on this subject, my email and twitter are on my homepage.