Thomas Fish

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B.A. – Anthropology and Philosophy – Washington College – 2015

  • Senior Thesis: "The Creation of A Virtual Community: A Look at Wikidata"



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Software Development

  • Risk Analysis of Vehicle and Environmental Network (RAVEN)

  • Audited Content Locator. (GitHub) A web map of the locations of the subjects of Good and Featured Articles on the English, French, Spanish, and German Wikipedias. The data was extracted using SQL and Python and the map was written in JavaScript using Leaflet.

  • OpenAnthroStat. The most important piece of software in Anthropology, the gold standard for freelist data, was written in 1992 and can't be used on modern operating systems. I am working to replace it with an open source alternative written in python that can be used on modern Windows, Mac, and Unix-like operating systems. Currently, version Brisbane ingests freelist data and returns the saliences. Included are python implementations of Smith & Borgatti 1998 and Sutrop 2001.

  • ArcExtractor. An extention to ArcMap, written in Python, that extracts a CSV for every entry in a particular field of a GIS data layer.