C++ Isn't That Bad: My adventures in learning how to code

technology college

For one of my quantitative classes (I have to take two to get my degree) I am taking the introduction to programing class. I figured that a 200 level class in programing would be a better use of my time than learning how to use a web browser, aka CSI 100. So far it has been wonderful. The way of thinking is very natural for me. But there is one issue, the homework is far too easy for me. After a few minutes of the class time I finish the assignments. I wanted to try to do something hard.

Thankfully, Shirik (who seems to be the only of my friends without their own domain name) introduced me to Project Euler. The problems are difficult and the solutions aren't the first thing that comes to mind. Sure, you could brute force an answer, but that is time consuming. So far, I have solved problems 1, 2, 5, 5, and 48. All of the code that I have written for these problems is under the MIT License. It isn't pretty and there are some major bugs but it is for me to look back on in a few months/years.