Bartlet is my president


In the past month, I have watched every episode of West Wing; all 156 episodes. If I did it straight through, it would have taken me almost four and a half straight days.[1] I never realized how great this show was before I started watching it. Jed Bartlet wasn't a perfect president; he didn't get much done legislatively and entangled the United States in two military campaigns.

Sadly, there is lots of Bartlet hate on the internet from liberals. People like to point out that he never overturned don't ask don't tell and never did anything about climate change. Looking back at the show, we need to remember that the show ran from 1999 until 2007. 2014 levels of progress can't be expected from even a fairly liberal president during those years.

Bartlet wasn't a politician; he was a statesman. He did what was the best for the country, even if it lost him political points. He cared about what was right more than what was popular. I wish we had people in public office today who did that.

Bartlet is my president. I would have voted for him both times.


[1] There are 156 episodes at 43 minutes a piece or a grand total of 6708 minutes. That is the same as 111.8 hours which is the same as 4.66 days. []