arbcom wikipedia

In the past week, I have been contacted by a wide range of editors (via email, private message, irc, ect.) asking if I am running for ArbCom again. At this point I don't fully know. I have been reading the accounts of former/current arbs on how much time the job takes up. I have also talked with a few on this same topic. My education comes first and I am currently a junior at a liberal arts college. For you non-americans, that means I am looking at wring my thesis next year. However, I am a double major so I have two theses (30+ pages each) to write. I am not fully sure I can write two theses, get decent grades in all of my classes, play rugby, have a social life (with real live people!), and sit on arbcom at the same time.

I am looking at the candidate pool and I am not seeing much in terms of numbers as well as experience. Of the seven, I think I would vote for only three of the candidates. I have a few reforms of the system that I would like to see happen. I do feel that I could add something to the committee.

I think I could be good for the committee but I am fairly sure the committee will not be good for me.

If anyone has any comments on this, I am all ears.