Arbcom (redux)

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Election results are out and I am not sitting on ArbCom. I did not get a seat by one in a quarter percentage points. Several people have approached me and asked about why I didn't "forget" to mention that I have two theses next year. The reason is, I feel that it losing an election with full disclosure is more ethical than withholding information that could change people's votes just so I can win.

The thing that does make me angriest that I was not the only young (still completing their undergraduate) candidate for the committee. Several voter guides claimed that I should run again after I finished school but at the same time endorsed several candidates that were equally as young as I am. I guess this is the price I pay for full disclosure.

See you all in two years (Dec 2015), once I no longer have my degree hanging over my head. I will not run next year. The same issue, I can't put a normal amount of time into the committee, hangs over my head for the next election (Dec 2014) when I will only be half way through my senior year.